Party Rentals Minnesota

The Unique Party Rentals Minnesotan's Need To Try.

When you're ready to take events to new heights, Knockerball MN has the experience, unique entertainment, and exceptional service you deserve. Why settle for the traditional party rentals when you can break out of your comfort zone, get excited, and try something new. 

Party Rentals Of The Inflatable Variety

Human Foosball - Strap on in and become the peg on an Inflatable Human Foosball table. 6-12 people try to play soccer on an enclosed inflatable field while strapped into belts that allow them to move only horizontally just like on a tabletop version.


Foot Darts Board - A GIANT 14' tall Velcro dart board that you kick velcro soccer balls at. We also have a golf mat and golf club to chip tennis balls into it with. Lastly, we modified our Archery Wars arrows with Velcro, so that you can shoot arrows at the board with bows too.

Our Extreme Party Rental Options

Archery Wars - It's like paintball, but without the pain or mess. Shoot foam tipped arrows and eliminate your opponents from behind inflatable bunkers. How could this not be the highlight of your Minnesota party rental?


Knockerball - Wear inflatable Knockerball Suits and turn soccer and other gym games into full contact hilarity. It's Impossible to break out into uncontrollable laughter.

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How Our MN Party Rentals Work

We make it easy. All of our MN Party rentals come directly to you. Unlike many of our competitors, we include on-site coordinators. This means you don't need to have spaced reserved well in advance or after the event just so we can have our equipment there. Also, some of our rentals require more in depth safety and game management, so we go the extra mile and include game coordinators to make things as hassle free for you as we can.

Pricing for Our Party Rentals In Minnesota

Combine Items and Save!

Rent 2 , take $50 off. Rent 3 Items, take $75 off. Rent 4 or more and take $100 off.

Bubble Soccer/Knockerball : Starts at $250

Archery Wars: Starts at $250

Trampoline Volleyball: Starts at $750 

Foot Darts: Starts at $250

Human Foosball: Starts at $400

It's Time To Make Your MN Party Rental Stand Out.

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