Minnesota Human Foosball Party Rentals

The giant inflatable version of the popular table top game.

Our Human Foosball Inflatable Rentals' Explained.

How Do You Play Human Foosball?

6-12 players hop over the side or enter through the back of the nets and strap themselves in to velcro belts. The belts are on fixed straps or polls that only allow you to move in a lateral direction, just like pegs on the table top version. A foam soccer ball (so shots to the face don't hurt) is thrown in from the side to the "middle players" in order to determine possession. All blue straps are trying to score on the red goalie and all red straps are trying to score on the blue goalie. Amazingly, this is not always immediately obvious. Games are generally 5-7 minutes, but it depends on the set up of the event.


Renting Our Foosball Court Goes Like This...

As you might expect, just like our other  party rentals, we deliver everything you need to wherever you want to play. Anything but concrete works as a surface, however for an extra fee we are willing to set it up on concrete too. Unlike other party rental companies, we don't leave our equipment sitting around all day before and after your events because we know people often have other plans for the space or in many cases they don't want to rent out venues any longer than they have to.

Twin Cities Inflatable Human Foosball Rentals

Why Inflatable Foosball?

- New things are always more exciting.

- It Appeals to a wide range of ages.

- Small form factor means it can fit just about anywhere.

Why Rent From Us?

 - Our staff stays on site.

- Our generator fees are included.

- Discounts when you combine multiple items.

Human Foosball Rental Pricing

$350+tax If done with Knockerball or $400 By Itself.


Human Foosball Rental Video

Video Of  A Local College Who Rented Our Foosball Court

Video Of Local Giant inflatable Foosball Corporate Event

Like We Mentioned...Foosball Is For All Ages.

Carnival in Eagan,MN

Kids Human foosball Rental
Kids Human Foosball

Corporate Event in Blaine, MN

adult Inflatable Human Foosball
Adult Inflatable Human Foosball

High School Lock-in In Maple Grove, MN

Teen Giant foosball Court
Teen Giant Foosball Game

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